The time I said YES to MULTIPLE Dresses....

So, my twin sister and I went dress shopping a few weeks after I got engaged.  I think she was more excited than I was, lol!  I always dreamed of this day and it was finally here!  I was so thrilled to be trying on wedding gowns for the FIRST time.  We planned to visit 2 stores the first day, but, I somehow ended up “SAYING YES TO THE DRESS” after only trying on about 6 dresses.  This was not usually like me because I can be very indecisive at times.  I was excited and loved the dress, and I also loved how it fit my curves *winky face*! 

krista 1st dress.jpg

Once I got home, I could not stop looking at pictures of me in the dress that I had taken on my phone.  I thought that the dress was too simple for my wedding day.  I cried and immediately placed a stop payment on my check and called the shop to ask if I could return to try on more dresses.  Luckily, they said YES.

I also showed my husband (fiance at the time) a picture of me in my first dress because I value his opinion and I just couldn’t hold in my excitement/fear.  I promise, I didn’t shoe him dress #2. 

When I went back the second time, they had received a new shipment of dresses and I fell in love with a lovely Mori Lee gown that I wore on my wedding day.  I also took another friend to help aid in the decision process.  We were all smiles after I made my decision to get dress #2!





1.     DO NOT buy a dress from the first bridal shop that you visit, unless you are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY IN LOVE WITH THE DRESS AND CAN’T LEAVE THE SHOP WITHOUT IT!  Shop around and see what other shops/designers have to offer.

2.     Have a clear idea of the dress style that you would like for your wedding day.  Take pictures and show the bridal shop attendees your ideas and vision).

3.     Take your time, but, not too much time.  I purchased my dress 10 months prior to my wedding.  A few months after purchasing, I saw additional styles that I liked and wanted to switch my dress. 

4.     Make sure that the people that go shopping with you, do not force you to purchase a gown that you are not in love with.  That is why I only took 2 other people with me.  Some say, “the more the merrier”, but in this case “less is best”.  AIR HIGH FIVE!!

5.     Stick to your budget!  Bridal gowns are expensive.  Trust me, the bridal consultants will show you the most expensive dress in the shop unless you tell them your budget and that you will not exceed it.


Krista Dress.jpg
krista dress 2.jpg
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